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How To Get Out of Your Own Way with Inside Out Transformation® Mindsets with Dr. Linda Humphreys

December 21, 2022 Kathi Burns Episode 58
How To Get Out of Your Own Way with Inside Out Transformation® Mindsets with Dr. Linda Humphreys
Organized and Energized! The Podcast
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Organized and Energized! The Podcast
How To Get Out of Your Own Way with Inside Out Transformation® Mindsets with Dr. Linda Humphreys
Dec 21, 2022 Episode 58
Kathi Burns

 I am a Business, Money Mindset, and Life Coach. I am also the author of the #1 Best Selling book: The Energetics of MONEY LIBERATION™! Additionally, I am known as The Money Liberation™ Coach. 

In this episode:

  •  Learn how identifying the blocks and imbalances in your life can lead to liberation 
  •  Learn ways for a healthier mindset 

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 I am a Business, Money Mindset, and Life Coach. I am also the author of the #1 Best Selling book: The Energetics of MONEY LIBERATION™! Additionally, I am known as The Money Liberation™ Coach. 

In this episode:

  •  Learn how identifying the blocks and imbalances in your life can lead to liberation 
  •  Learn ways for a healthier mindset 

Free from Kathi:

Download this FREE special report to discover healthier organizing habits. 

[00:00:00] Kathi Burns: Hi there. I'm board certified professional organizer Kathi Burns. I'm really glad you're here. This podcast is designed for busy entrepreneurs just like you, who wanna take better control of your business and move forward with less stress and more success. If this is your first time listening, then thanks for coming. The Organized Energized Podcast is produced for your enjoyment and show notes are found at Come back often and feel free to add this podcast to your favorite RSS feed or iTunes. You can also follow me on Twitter at Organized Energy and Facebook. All links are in the show notes. Now, let's get into the show.

Hi everyone, This is Kathi and I'm back on the Organized and Energized podcast. Today we're speaking with Dr. Linda Humphreys and we're gonna talk about how to get out of your own way with inside out transformation mindsets. Yes, we're gonna go inside out and change our mind. Linda is a business money mindset and life coach, and also the author of the number one best selling book, The Energetics of Money Liberation. Hey, let's liberate some money today and let's talk about it. And also, she's known as a Money Liberation coach, so let's jump into it and meet Linda and see what she has to say for us and how we can liberate our money. Let's get going. Hi everyone. This is Kathy and I'm back, and I'm so excited because today we're gonna talk with Dr. Linda Humphreys. She's gonna talk to us about money and finances and having liberation and how we can get all jazzed up and excited around our finances within our business. Very important. So welcome, Linda. Thanks so much for coming on the show. 

[00:01:47] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Thank you so much. It's such a great opportunity to connect with you and your audience today. So thank you for the opportunity. 

[00:01:53] Kathi Burns: Oh, absolutely. So talk to me, Linda. Tell me a little bit about your background. For starters, what did your parents do? Where'd you come from? What are your roots? 

[00:02:02] Dr. Linda Humphreys: My roots I am from back east originally. My father would say Balmer, Maryland, but for the general public it's otherwise known as Baltimore, Maryland,

[00:02:14] Kathi Burns: I'm glad you said that. I would not have known.

[00:02:18] Dr. Linda Humphreys: If you're from back East, you get it. However, if you're not, I wanted to provide translation. Anyway so that's where I'm from and middle class upbringing. My father was a mechanical engineer. My mother was a stay at home mother and manage the household. And we got into antiques and collectibles and that kind of thing. So we did that here and there, both buying and selling and that was fun. But I saw with my parents being older and they grew up in the depression era, it was always safe for a rainy day. It was always, we never have enough, be prepared. So that's the kind of the background story. And although I heard certain messages, there was something within me that was like no. I guess about saving and it's always good to save for rainy day and yes. But other messages that were either blatant or either subliminal, like you have to work hard, you have to, struggle and all that. Wait a second, and I always wanted to find avenue of flow. An avenue where it wasn't a struggle. I've learned later through my studies of spiritual psychology, just everything, metaphysics. And that just means beyond the physical. Energy mindset, that kind of thing that you energy grows where attention goes. And I didn't wanna put it on the struggle or the efforting and of course effort but I wanted it to be more playful, more in flow with me, with my talents and not have to do a certain job to earn wages that are not gonna be enough anyway. That kind of thing. So I in my own way, rejected a lot of the messages that were implanted if you were or attempted to be implanted, or at least within my environment. I remember as a child, I heard two words that really resonated to my core. And, it was entrepreneur was one of them. And I had to look it up. I was very young but I thought, that's what I wanna do. That's what I wanna be. I wanted to be creative because I didn't wanna box myself in that kind of thing. . And then the other word that really inspired me was philanthropist. So my whole goal and intention with helping people to liberate the binds that are disconnecting them from the flow of financial freedom and independence that's what I wanna do, is I wanna support them because I, my goal and intention is to create a tribe of thriving happy, successful entrepreneurs who have a surplus that they're willing to share and support. Because as women, we are the heart and soul of so many organizations. We are the heart and soul of philanthropy. We are the heart and soul of nonprofits. So I want to support people and becoming, like I said, happy successful, thriving, giving individuals that are willing to give back to others and support others in a way. 

[00:05:31] Kathi Burns: And we are the givers too, I think more. But I think it's interesting your story because really you had entrepreneurialship, with the buying of the selling in the antiques, you already witness that, the mercantile thing. Okay, let's buy it. Let's sell it. 

[00:05:44] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Yes. Yes. That's a good point. Thank you for bringing that out. I never even thought of it in that way. Yeah. But I was a babysitter. I would do crafts and try to sell them. Avon, stuff like that. I was always something as I'm sure probably some other women can relate to. I had to pay for my own college, so I had to find creative ways to finance that and I wanted to do things that were fun and creative, that kind of thing. And another thing I just wanna mention too, which is really important for me, and this is something else that I help with my clients find. When I was in college, I studied a class about education, and they talked about this concept that was a ding, ding for me, and it was L R E that stands for at least restrictive environment. And that's the environment, in the context of education. Where would a student thrive? Are they kinesthetic learner? Are they a visual learner? Are they this and this? So I applied that to myself. What is my LRE, my least restrictive environment? As it related to work, as it related to income, as it related to where I wanna spend my time, where can I thrive? And then also, other key points is define thrive. What is my definition of thrive? My definition of thrive might be different than yours. So when I assist clients, I help them define. And one thing I really appreciate a lot about what it is you offer, but when you help your clients identify a system to help them get organized and to achieve what it is they wanna achieve, that's very important. And one of the key things that I have found for me, clarity and specificity and baby steps. Those are like the three prime things for me. Define, okay, what is my LRE? Where will I thrive most? Is it an independent contractor? Is it working with a group of other entrepreneurs? Is it being part of a team? Is it being a solo entrepreneur? What does that mean to find that? And then, then specificity, well, how can I achieve that? Kind of thing. And then like what is around me that can, I can connect to? And then that gives me comfort and then taking action steps, little actionable steps, things that I can commit to without going, Oh my gosh, this is gonna be terrible. Or I have to do this. Oh my gosh. Even in my most recent. How do I say this? What I'm challenged with right now, , is I have to do Facebook lives, I have to do, that's, Oh my gosh. Like torture. I'm all about mindsets and the first thing you do is when you want change, you welcome change and you look for opportunities to change. So I welcomed an opportunity to change this and say, I really wanna more connection. I wanna find my peeps. I wanna find my tribe that I'm here to serve, and I wanna connect with them. So reframing that as okay, my challenge is technology. In all shapes and forms, and I keep saying up to now leaving room for it to have a miraculous turnaround at any second, hopefully. I hope Spring's eternal. That's another one of my models.

[00:08:58] Kathi Burns: There's always something girl, there's always something.

[00:09:00] Dr. Linda Humphreys: And today like, is the lighting okay? Something happened, with the window and blah, blah. It's like number one, breathe. That's the first thing, and then humor's another way that I deal with it, kind of thing. It's News flash, not a millennial, I myself. It's I'm trying, I'm really trying. I'm going all over the place, but I'm just really excited about connecting with people and helping them with their mindsets and accomplishing money liberation. And if I may share something with you about even the title. 

[00:09:31] Kathi Burns: Yes. I wanna hear this story. Absolutely. 

[00:09:34] Dr. Linda Humphreys: If I may I show the book. It became number one best seller on Amazon. I'm very excited and I also the same time released the Playbook, which is a workbook to do your own Money Liberation project, and this also became a bestselling book as well.

[00:09:50] Kathi Burns: Good job. 

[00:09:51] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Thank you so much. Now this is what happened. I was sweating this when I'm told you have to have a Facebook group or you have to have this, you have to, I'm like, Oh, there's something in me that just wants to rebel. So I spent. Months trying to think of, what am I going to name this? It was like, is it this? No, that's not the right name. And I am very connected to the energy of words for a myriad of reasons. Words have vibrations. Thoughts have vibrations and I wasn't hitting it right. I wasn't hearing it right. Finally, I said, Okay, I'm gonna stop, doing the shoulding right now. And I really went within, and that's one of the best tools that I do is like when I get all stressed and wigged out breathe, take a moment to go with it. And then I just said, Okay. It's like I give up, I give up this struggle. I give up the struggle. Yes. And it's I was asked the question, in your mind's ear, if you will, what do you want to experience and what do you want your tribe to experience? And I heard, liberation. Money Liberation. Girl, I am telling you. I heard, Angel harps going off. I was like, chills. Chills. That's it. That is it. There's so many people that are struggling. There's so many people, God bless them. God bless me. I cannot tell you how many abundance workshops I've taken. How many abundance affirmations I've come up with. Oh my gosh. And why do they not work? And then of course, what we as women, and I will own this for myself, what I tended to do in the past was what's wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? But it's not necessarily me. It's this is what they're saying, this is what they're saying. So I finally, got rid of that. And what I wanted to do was go deep within to find out A, what is the money story we're running? Now, this surprised me. First of all, you've heard that we use about 10% of our brain, correct?

[00:12:22] Kathi Burns: Oh yeah. A guest last week, two. 2% of our brain on a good day.

[00:12:29] Dr. Linda Humphreys: On a super duper, duper, duper, duper uber good day. It's 10 ish, two ish. But get this, when we hit the age of 35, we technically are down to five. So everything we do think, say is a reaction. It's an autopilot, it's subconscious. So now turning conscious attention to things, what is the money story? How did you get where you are? This is not a blaming thing or Oh, you did that wrong. You did that wrong. No, not at all. It's just how did you get here? What were your influences and this, and then with this program, what I do is I help you in identifying your specific blocks and imbalances to the flow. And then I offer different tools and I teach them to you so that you can release yourself to create a new money story and to live this new money story. Now get this. This is something that I have learned when, and this is my philosophy, when you want a holistic healing, you don't just get rid of the negative. That's only half of it. What if you have some programs that are not allowing the good in? So I address both. So now that we've released then blocks and imbalances, if there's any resistance to the good, what is this? And let's release that. So that it can come in and you can experience the flow. So this all leads to liberation. It leads to freedom, financial prosperity, and this is what I'm very excited to share with you today and with everyone, anyone who will listen, because it's just been an amazing journey for me, and I'm so glad to be able to share this with you. 

[00:14:42] Kathi Burns: I think that's fantastic. The blocks, the stuff that you have to remove is what I affectionately call muck, and did you have, what was your working title of your book before you came up with the liberation part of it? Was it like abundance, money set and all that.

[00:14:53] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Let me see. What did I use? I called it,

[00:14:56] Kathi Burns: You know what? It doesn't matter. 

[00:14:58] Dr. Linda Humphreys: No, it doesn't matter. But funny, I caught it Mo Money, or the money book, just the working title. But the minute I realized that was the vibration, and get this, to me, I experience a different vibration between freedom and liberation. There is just a different force, so it's like a breakthrough. So this assists in breakthroughs for people longstanding and the thing is, you don't develop these patterns overnight. I didn't develop. This overnight, it was, it's family, it's religion it's that you were born into it's media, it's all sorts of influences. And so it's deciphering, what am I telling myself? Because we're all brilliant manifests. We have all manifested everything that we have here and now, whether we label it good. Or whether we label it bad, either way we manifested it. We're brilliant like that. We're manifesting machine. So let's do a conscious focus with clarity, with specific action steps to accomplish money liberation to experience money liberation.

[00:16:12] Kathi Burns: I love it because the reason that I ask you that is because when I wrote my first book How To Master Your Muck, the working title was Stuck in the Muck Of Your Stuff.

[00:16:21] Dr. Linda Humphreys: I love that. That's brilliant. Use that somehow or another.

[00:16:25] Kathi Burns: Three and a half years later, I'm stuck in the muck of my working title. And when we divided it into mastery and had How To Master Your Muck, I published in three weeks. Boom, boom. So it's words mean a lot. 

[00:16:41] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Words are powerful and so are thoughts and and what do we think? There's an expression. Don't believe everything you think, right? But when we really stop, and think what's going on between here? What are we telling her? And whose voice is that?

[00:16:57] Kathi Burns: It is it bouncing back and forth?

[00:16:59] Dr. Linda Humphreys: It's little head rattling in there. Or it can be a dark and twisty place, or it doesn't have to be. So let's put conscious effort and making it an uplifting avenue. A channel of good insight and outside. Speaking to which, that is actually the name of my business Inside Out Transformation. Cuz true and lasting transformation does happen from the inside out. It's an inside job. So many people and in the book, like in, in the first portion of the book tells you like how I got to this and then, different premises and then the program, so you get an idea of what's coming and why. Why not to affirm abundance when you want money, you'll find out in the book. Okay. Things like that. So anyway when you, 

[00:17:49] Kathi Burns: That's okay. But you know what, I have to say something here because I totally agree that you have to have the inner shift in order for it to stick. But I would have to say that you do not have to start with the inner, because as an organizer, oftentimes I will start with the external environment and it does shift the inside. But you do have to have both of those to me.

[00:18:10] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Yes. Okay. And yes, I agree with you, and I don't think that they're mutually exclusive because to make an outside shift, you have to make a conscious effort to make this shift. Like I can say gosh, I have a drink of water here, a drink of coffee. What am I gonna reach for? So it's a conscious decision to, Okay, I'm gonna go for the water. So it's both in tandem, but yes, that taking an action step, first off the willingness. So I think that the willingness. 

[00:18:39] Kathi Burns: To take an action willingness is probably step one for everything really.

[00:18:43] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Which I think is an internal thing. So the inside out transformation is the conscious decision that I wanna change. 

[00:18:50] Kathi Burns: Okay, you win. It does start with you. 

[00:18:53] Dr. Linda Humphreys: No, it's not a win thing. I love at the end. I love the dialogue, I love the teasing. But I love thinking about the thoughts, it's that's a good point. Yeah I welcome it. That's fine.

[00:19:04] Kathi Burns: It's so very true. I start on the external environment all the time. But I'll tell you what, people don't come to me until they're ready and they have made that internal. Okay. I'm willing now to listen, to move forward and to accept. So yes, I'm totally with you on that. I love having dialogue like this because we are like-minded sisters anyhow. And what's interesting is that, we all, our modalities are all different, but they all go to the same spot. 

[00:19:32] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Yes. And I believe somebody asked me, what line of energy do you use? Cuz I do energetic killing work and I said capital S source. It's like we all are here to support different communities and my messaging might attract some people, or they've heard this before, but I might have said it in a way, or it's their time to hear something in a different way. Same thing with you and the fact that you are allowing people, your audience, the opportunity to experience different modalities, to experience different people, to experience different ways. The whole point is, I would imagine for you as it is for me, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's like we're here to serve. We're here to help. Here's an avenue, here's another avenue. So the fact that you are in a sense, a way show or in a showcase or is really a phenomenal gift that you're giving us. 

[00:20:26] Kathi Burns: Same thing with you. The idea is listen and choose the one that resonates with you now and in a month something else might resonate with you more. It really doesn't matter. But I wanted to bring back, I wanted to just jump back to what you said whenever you start with the process with your clients, what I thought was very interesting cuz I use white color is your parachute a lot for like exercises. Where do you thrive? What type of environment? Are you a solopreneur? Are you a corporate person? Are you a team builder? I think that's so very important, especially for people who are starting their businesses. How do they want that model to be? So I just wanted to applaud you on that concept because I think that's where a lot of people skip it.

[00:21:08] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Yeah, and to me it's vital because for example when I ask people to describe their ideal day and they're very vague, and I'm like, how will you know when you get it? If it's that vague in a sense? Okay, I wake up. Quite frankly, where do you wake up? Do you wake up in the house? How big is the house? Who's next to you in this house. Go to work well's, work downstairs, Is working the same floor? Is work getting in the car? Do you drive? How far do you drive? So details. Details. Do I want them to taste it, feel it, experience it, because this is the welcoming. So yes, it is very important to help people discern solopreneurs at this. Helping them figure out their L R E, their least restrictive environment where they can thrive and be happy and be contributing and to support others.

[00:21:59] Kathi Burns: And thrive is important. And I think that people do think I want money because they want freedom. But I love the fact that you, so I want money cause I want liberation, because liberation is so much more powerful than freedom. It's oh, then you're on top of the world. So that's fantastic. 

[00:22:14] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Yes. And there are a couple things like people, it's I say something and one of the things that I'm developing right now is a personality quiz and it's how you approach your relationship to money. And there's some people go, I'm not in relationship with money. Yes, you are. We are always in relationship with everyone and everything, including money. It spent a lot of time and it was so much fun creating this, so stay tuned. There's more to come. Oh, I know, right? I'm so excited about that. But I wanted to do it in a more lighthearted way. Yeah. Because I love personality quizzes and, getting these little insights and, and I also help people with finding out what their business archetype is because just as we have personal archetypes. I don't know if you're aware of this or not. You probably are. Our businesses also have archetypes, which are quite often distinct and separate from your own personal archetype. So I also assist people in that with an assessment as well. So I'm really happy to share that. That's like fun and playful. And that's another one. If I was gonna say what's one thing that I like to do with clients is I throw the word passion out the window for a reason. Never follow your passion. If you look up the word passion, it's suffering the passion of the Christ. It's the angst, it's the, so follow your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm means inspired by spirit. So follow your enthusiasm and doesn't it sound better than passion? I mean there's always a, with that word, right? No matter what context is used, but enthusiasm, follow the energy flow like that because that's momentum building. That is what helps people go on with.

[00:24:11] Kathi Burns: I love that. Speaking of that, okay, so let's talk about a deep dark night where you had something that you were just. I don't wanna do this anymore. I don't wanna take it anymore. How did you jump out of it? What happened and what propelled you out your enthusiastic energizer bunny girl. What do you do? 

[00:24:28] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Breathe . I remind myself to breathe. I'm closing my eyes cuz you know, I just had one just like couple days ago, right? Ugh. It's like technology, gone done. And I'm like, Ugh. And so I really, it was such an exhale kind of a moment. I really had to go snap out of it and breathe. So then as I said, I'd like to be playful. I was like, Okay, sometime I went within and say what's next? And quite often my little girl, my inner child chimes in. And she's that's less time spent on, email or whatever. Cause that email address was gone. It's you have a point there. And then laughter, it's just, it was a a releasing of the un breathing energy, when you laugh, you have to exhale, which means you're gonna have to inhale at some point. And then I, rather than beat myself up, which was my MO in the past I'm so when it comes to technology, I'm just so ignorant and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So where can I go next? Who can I go to? Okay, so you. Geek Squad, whatever. Couldn't do it. Couldn't do it. Couldn't do. Finally, I wrote to Mr. Google and I know that's a funny thing to say. That's another story for another time, and I'll tell you if I hear from Mr. Google and who Mr. Google is. And again, the laughter, cuz what am I gonna do at this point? I can't resurrect something that I'm, slammed out of. After the laughter and things, it's okay, what's the next step? What can I do? And then, so if I can't delegate it or what am I capable of doing and what do I need to delegate? And so by taking little action steps, either each day or today, I talked to customer support, or I waited on customer support for six hours. What am I gonna do tomorrow? I'm not gonna do that again. Lesson learned, right? But at least I moved forward with it rather than sitting in it, rather than stewing in it, rather than complaining. What action steps am I capable to comfortably do at this time? And then what can I get support in?

[00:26:40] Kathi Burns: And that's really great advice for everybody. Just lighten up. So you lose all your technology. It's not the end of the world. It's actually, I like the little girl said you don't have to do emails for a few hours. 

[00:26:49] Dr. Linda Humphreys: It's more time for her. Yeah. And I, if I may share something else about her and how she does assist me, even in business, you're supposed to be serious, you're supposed to be corporate and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I had to. A bio for the book, right? And I'm like, Ugh. Again, this is another thing. And so I said, Okay, what would you say? And I let her write this. May I share with this with you?

[00:27:12] Kathi Burns: Yes, please. I wanna hear this little girl's story. Okay, here we go. 

[00:27:16] Dr. Linda Humphreys: There's me with a halo that's a donut. And I'm laughing again lighten up. It's, people get so serious about things. It's yeah, let's approach this in a new and different way. So it says, Dr. Lynn Humphreys is an author, and now here's her words, an inner tour guide, inquisitive seeker, negative energy excavator, and a spiritual cheerleader. Here to support you in your own inside out transformation. So she loved it. She likes being the spiritual cheerleader. She like, it's like we're going to excavate that stuff outta there. Yeah. It's let's approach this. But again, it doesn't have to be a drudgery type of thing. It can be done in a playful manner and quite often, money is such a trigger word. It's such a triggered topic. For so many people it's like the, one of the top causes of divorces, and relationship upheaval and all this. So I think it's really vital that we get our money situation together. And I remember hearing on the news years ago, and this is another thing that inspired me to go ahead with this, is that people this group of people were being interviewed and they're fearful and angry. What are you angry about? What do you fear? Money. And and I don't want fearful, angry people running the show. That's why I want more people to be happy, more thriving, more supportive of everything. There's so many programs that are supportive, music programs, art programs, just like I said nonprofits are hurting, food banks are hurting, so if we can free up our time, if we can free up our resources to do what our heart wants to do and express and give back, that's what I wanna do. That's what I wanna support people in doing. 

[00:29:07] Kathi Burns: I applaud you for that girl aw, that's a great mission. And we all go through ups and downs and I agree with you that breathing and lightening up is a great idea. I do a lot of breath work and it really helps all the way around. So if any you, women out there or men who are listening who have this big moment right now, don't go...

[00:29:27] Dr. Linda Humphreys: I also breathe like here and to go deeper. , almost feel it to my toes and then come back up. And, just, breathe in and just make it more full bodied and even move while doing that or do movement and breathe and just expand. Literally expand your physicality your body and to breathe in, to open your chest, because I'm telling you that thing the other day really threw me for a loop. And I have to say that by consciously reminding myself, that's the whole thing. We've got a lot of tools, . It's just sometimes when it hits, it hits.

[00:30:05] Kathi Burns: Yeah. And you're like, Oh what tools? I don't have any tools. Out the window, out the door. 

[00:30:10] Dr. Linda Humphreys: But the breathing helped me reconnect to, Okay, what's the truth about this? The truth of it is I survived without technology. Very well. All these years prior, this too shall pass, and there'll be another thing that I learned from. And what's the lesson here? That's another one of my go-tos after something here. Okay. What's the lesson? I really did the best that I could at that time. And something, whatever, I don't know. And moving on, you know what I'm saying? Dealing with it, still waiting to see if I'm gonna hear from Mr. Google or not , but I will be taking other action steps to to move forward and in a more streamlined, more productive way. Because quite often sometimes these happen things like this, in spite of myself. And they're meant to be. And I might have gone no, yay or I don't know how to do that, blah, blah, blah. But when they happen, it gives me an opportunity to, again, to remind myself who I am. I'm capable. I'm connected. I'm conscious. What can I do on those three levels and those three realms right now to move forward?

[00:31:19] Kathi Burns: And it's temporary. It's always temporary . So there you have it. One thing you can count on is it will change and changes something else. 

[00:31:30] Dr. Linda Humphreys: That's the one thing. And that one of the things within the gift offering is the seven powerful or miraculous mindset. So one of them is accepting what is it happened. It happened. It's like, all right, there's nothing I can do to unhappen this. 

[00:31:45] Kathi Burns: You're just the perfect segue, girl. So let's talk about that. I was heading down that road. So let's do it. What is your valuable free resource? What are you going present to these people that are listening and all of our fabulous listeners?

[00:32:00] Dr. Linda Humphreys: What I'd like to present today is seven miraculous mindsets to support you in surviving and thriving today. Woohoo. Today and every day in life and in business. Yes, please do. And the, like I said, there's more to come. Which I'm really excited to do.

[00:32:24] Kathi Burns: Like the quiz,. So let's say sign up so that we can be updated with your stuff. So make sure when we download that, they'll be in the link to get that little quiz that's coming out eventually. 

[00:32:35] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Not being tech savvy, I will get to where I will delegate this. Delegate the person who would best know how to do that.

[00:32:45] Kathi Burns: Yes, exactly. Yes. And I can point you in the direction of those people too so we'll talk. 

[00:32:50] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Okay, terrific. Thank you so much. See that's what it's all about, is the support. And I appreciate that as well too because I know that as a solo entrepreneur, and especially since the pandemic and even the aftermath of all that, sometimes there are moments that I feel like I'm working in a vacuum. So it is nice to say, Oh, I have a resource for that. It's Oh, thank you. 

[00:33:13] Kathi Burns: That's the goal of this show, my friend, is to let everybody know that there are hacks, there are resources. We've all been through this stuff. Technology, oh my gosh, like a decade ago I was freaked out about technology. I just, even, the word, I had a trigger for me. And now I have a support staff that oh my, the women that run this in the background are phenomenal. And it's thank God I have to worry about that anymore. It stops the creative flow when you're freaked about, the nuts and bolts of everything.

[00:33:44] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Yes, because I realize that my superpower, one of 'em is content creation. I love the ideas. I like coming in with things. It is not the technology delivery of this information, but somebody else is gifted with that. So I like to delegate that. My mantra now is technology is my friend. Technology is my friend. Technology is my friend, and I just have to keep reminding me. And because I don't wanna keep building this up I am leaning into this. Again, this is a mindset for me. I'm leaning into this and I'm doing the best that I can and I'm really doing pretty well because I like efficiency, so I like finding programs that work that I can manage or even if I figure it out, I can give it to somebody else and say, I know it's capable of doing this. Do this, please for me. 

[00:34:31] Kathi Burns: Okay. So that leads me to your favorite organizing hack. Do you have something that you love, that you use to keep yourself organized in your business? 

[00:34:39] Dr. Linda Humphreys: I love being prepared. To me, that's comfort. So for example, even today I had five alarms set. Maybe that's overkill for a tad, and I like to have, just information here. I like to have, Okay, here's the book here's my what if I need it here just to visualize a positive outcome. And I'm so pleased because, when you think of, oh, podcast and all this, it's oh, but it's a conversation and it's a dialogue and it was just such a delightful connection. And I really wanna thank you for that. It was just so much fun laughing with you and playing with you and bouncing ideas with each other. It was just fantastic for me. And I visualized that. And I just wanted to have fun with this. I just wanted to just move forward with ease and grace. I would say be specific. I, okay, I can imagine I'm doing this, getting ready, try to do something with the hair, all that. And, but again, do that from this time to this time. Do this and be ready and i'll prepared and calm for the time that I'm here to spend with you. I like preparation and I'd like specificity and I like taking baby action steps. 

[00:35:52] Kathi Burns: Love it. Love it. These are all great tips, and I'm sure positive that everybody is having as much fun listening, I don't know. I probably have had more fun having the podcast as we're doing this. I'm like, I'm gonna have her back in about six months. We're gonna, we're gonna chat again on this. 

[00:36:06] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Yay. Oh, I would so love that. And if I may share one other thing, I'm going to be offering a class starting January of 23, and it's a very in depth class featuring this. So we're gonna be doing this as a group. So it's gonna be community, it's gonna be supportive, it's going to be finding specifically what's running your show as it relates to money and what do you want to have run your show and to create a new vision for moving forward. And I'm really excited about that. That's what's coming up. So there's a lot of fun things happening, like I said, in the pipeline. So stay tuned. 

[00:36:41] Kathi Burns: Yeah, stay tuned. By the time this podcast is released, it might be right around the corner, so make sure to double check timing and look at the links that we have down below and jump in and I'm sure that you're gonna learn a lot from Linda. So thank you for being on this show. I so much appreciate it.

[00:36:57] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Thank you so much. It was a delight and pleasure to be with you today, Kathi. Thank you. 

[00:37:01] Kathi Burns: Absolutely. And for those of you who are interested, go to, get your free download so that you can get, make more progress towards your goals in less time. That's what the goal is and check it out. Also download all the links that we have for Linda below and I can't wait to take the quiz and go ahead and fill out the assessment that we have below as well. So thank you so much. Take care. 

[00:37:24] Dr. Linda Humphreys: Thank you. 

[00:37:26] Kathi Burns: Have a good. See you guys later. I'll see you next week.

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